African Reporter Turns To Twitter In Desperate Plea: Reveals Why WH Press Secretary Waiting Until 2024 To Address Shocking Issue

(NRSC News) – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is exactly like her boss, Joe Biden, in that everything she says is scripted and planned out in advance. She doesn’t take real questions from hard-hitting journalists.

Out of frustration with the situation, African reporter Simon Ateba has turned to Twitter to see if anyone on there has any tips for getting the attention of Jean-Pierre during press briefings.

Ateba, of Today News Africa, has been trying to get Jean-Pierre to call on him and answer his questions related to Chinese influence in Africa but Jean-Pierre refuses.

Ateba sought the help of his Twitter followers on Monday, asking if anyone could give him advice on how to get her to call on him.

“Hello guys, what should I do for [press secretary] Karine Jean-Pierre to call on me and other overlooked reporters during press briefings to ask the questions you all care about?” he asked.

Ateba also discussed his frustrations with cable news’ most popular host, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. During a Sunday evening appearance, Ateba mentioned he has not been called on for four months.

He further explained that Jean-Pierre has refused to meet with him and has now promised to meet with him “next year.” Carlson noted that it basically means “never.” It’s clear Jean-Pierre and the Biden regime do not want to entertain questions regarding Chinese involvement in Africa.

Ateba stated Jean-Pierre has “no clue what is happening in Africa” and accused her of not taking “serious questions,” only ones that she has prepared for in advance.

Ateba has been ruffling Jean-Pierre’s feathers since she took over the podium. He’s not afraid to shout out from the back of the room where he remains ignored by the press secretary.

This has resulted in some contentious moments between him and Jean-Pierre and other press secretaries.

Back in May, Ateba interrupted former press secretary Jenn Psaki on the last day of her tenure to ask why she had never taken questions from the back of the room. He was met with chastisement and condescension from Psaki.

During COVID patron Saint Dr. Anthony Fauci’s last press conference in November, Ateba and Jean-Pierre clashed after he called her out for shutting down another reporter’s valid question.

After a Daily Caller reporter attempted to ask Fauci about the origins of COVID-19, Jean-Pierre shot down her question. “We have a process here. I’m not calling out on people who yell,” she explained.

Ateba then yelled from the back loudly, asking why the question should be ignored.

“She has a valid question! She’s asking about the origin of COVID, and Dr. Fauci’s the best person to answer that question,” he exclaimed.

“I hear your question, but we’re not doing this the way you want it! … Simon, I’m done!” Jean-Pierre said. “I’m done with you right now! … You’re taking time away from your colleagues.”

How utterly condescending considering she refuses to give Ateba any time at all to ask questions.

Just last month Jean-Pierre abruptly ended a session after Ateba criticized her for avoiding questions regarding the US-Africa Summit.

As The Western Journal points out, Chinese influence and involvement is not a new thing in Africa:

“Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang wrapped up a tour of African nations on Monday, making 2023 the 33rd consecutive year that Chinese diplomats have visited the continent, according to the Global Times. China has invested heavily in infrastructure projects and trade deals in Africa, becoming a major arms dealer to African militaries. With Russia busy in Ukraine, China has consumed a large part of Russia’s market influence on the continent.”

Of course the Biden regime doesn’t want to answer any questions regarding China. This is the most pro-China administration the US has ever had and that’s because the Chinese Communist Party has Joe Biden in their pocket.

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