ALERT: Bombshell Emails Confirm National Archives Secretly Coordinated To Retrieve Classified Docs Before Midterm Elections

(NRSC News) – It’s really time for the American people to stop falling for the Democrat’s tricks. It was pretty suspicious that news of classified documents being found in Joe Biden’s possession did not surface until well after the midterm elections but now it’s been confirmed that it was all intentional.

On Friday, the National Archives released 74 pages of emails that show blatant collusion between an Archives lawyer and Joe Biden’s attorneys to carry out the retrieval of classified documents from the Penn Biden Center prior to the 2022 midterms in secrecy.

Despite the retrieval taking place a week before the midterm elections, House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) says the Archives was given instruction by either the White House or Department of Justice to hide the initial revelations from the American people. How’s that for “transparency?”

Additionally, the mainstream media reported at least three times that Biden and the DOJ agreed to hide the scandal from the public with very likely no plans to disclose it at all. There was an information leak on January 9 to CBS News exposing the finding of the initial trove which occurred on November 2.

The emails from the Archives were released Friday as part of a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Bloomberg. The emails show the Archives secretly colluding with Biden’s personal attorneys to retrieve the classified materials.

They also show there was concern over whether there were classified documents being stored in Boston or Philadelphia.

Still, the initial cause or reason for the search at the Penn Biden Center by Biden’s attorneys remains a mystery.

The emails show Biden’s personal attorneys and Archives lawyer Gary Stern had a “conversation” as early as November 4 about the classified materials.

Stern emailed Biden’s personal lawyers Bob Bauer and Pat Moore on November 7, one day before the midterm elections, to arrange a time to secretly collect materials in a “US Gov van” from the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC.

“Bob/Pat, following our conversation on Friday, we would like to make arrangements for our staff to come back to the DC Penn Biden Center space to assess the remaining boxes and take custody of whichever ones we deem appropriate for further review,” Stern wrote Bauer and Moore.

A second email also dated November 7, shows Stern asked Biden’s lawyers if personnel from the Archives could return to the Penn Biden Center “to assess the remaining boxes and take custody of whichever ones we deem appropriate for further review.”

Bauer said the Archives could return and pick up more documents the next day, and noted that he was “also currently checking to determine whether there are any similar materials in the Pennsylvania Penn-Biden space, and we will report back to you today.”

Stern instructed Moore to ensure the boxes of materials were kept in a secure location. “Please ensure that the boxes in your office in Boston remain secure in a locked space and are not accessed by anyone,” he stated in relation to the Boston location.

The email release comes after the Archives failed to provide requested information about the document scandal to Rep. Comer before the January 24 deadline. Comer called the missed deadline “very disappointing.”

Comer has previously asserted that the Archives worked with either the White House or DOJ to hide the initial revelations.

“There are only two people that could have given those orders, and that’s either the Department of Justice with [Attorney General] Merrick Garland or the White House with Joe Biden,” Comer told Fox News.

“I don’t think we would know about these documents had it not been for investigative reporting, so we want to know why the administration wasn’t transparent sooner,” Comer remarked.

We all know why the regime wasn’t transparent about this situation and it has everything to do with influencing the 2022 midterm elections. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to admit it.

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  1. You must understand that His Fraudulency pResident Jao Xidung couldn’t let his Chinese masters just stop by anytime, anywhere to copy those documents and drop off his cash. The Xidung/Penn Center was a perfect cover for those nefarious meetings. Anywhere else and people might get the idea that Ol’ Jao from Scranton is a TRAITOR!
    C’mon man…

  2. Well Well Well proof that Joe Biden and his Regime are nothing but a bunch of treasonous hacks that need to be ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY and charged.


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