BOOM: Biden Admin Backtracks On Spy Balloons Under Trump Narrative

(NRSC News) – Biden and the Democrats are obsessed with President Trump. They can’t stop talking about him even though everything they say are outright lies. They blame Trump for everything, literally.

Their latest accusation is a real doozy. The Biden regime contended that China brazenly sailed spy balloons over the US at least “three times” during President Trump’s administration. Strangely, nobody ever noticed the giant balloons flying overhead then and that’s because it never happened, not even one time.

Of course, Biden and his regime know this full well and that’s why they were forced to backtrack on this lie before it was even 24 hours old.

Trump himself issued a scathing denial that was backed up by several key members of his White House, including outspoken opponent John Bolton. That’s really saying something.

In the wake of the furious denials from Trump and others, the regime suddenly began receiving different information from their “sources” but it didn’t help the situation any for Biden.

Former acting Director of National Intelligence under Trump, Richard Grenell, outright denied that there was any truth the regime’s assertions that this had happened under Trump’s watch:

“Biden’s DoD is shamelessly using an anonymous source to say that Chinese balloons flew over the US under Trump — and the Trump team allowed it,” he tweeted. “It is a lie. We never heard this — ever.”

Then Bloomberg News senior White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs published a Twitter post about Team Biden being willing to brief Trump officials on what they now “know,” but Grenell was equally adamant:

“It’s a hard no from me,” he wrote.

“The entire Biden team has been lying and are now scrambling to get help in the coverup. You shouldn’t have believed their anonymous source tale in the first place.”

The legacy media establishment did, however, believe the anonymous sources, as per usual, and wasted no time running with the information as though it were indisputable fact.

The reality is that Americans watched Trump dominate the world stage for the entire four years he was in office. The world was a far better, much safer place thanks to President Trump and his unwillingness to barter with terrorists and allow bullies to have their way.

Nobody was going to believe that while Trump was cracking down on China he was also casually looking the other way while spy balloons flew overhead. We’re supposed to believe that the administration was so inept that they couldn’t detect the spy balloons but the Biden regime is so efficient that not only did they detect this balloon but also all the balloons that flew overhead under Trump.

Right. Americans aren’t stupid. As a matter of fact, the spy balloon was first noticed by American civilians and continued being spotted and recorded on cell phones from Montana all the way to South Carolina. Weird how there isn’t a single shred of evidence anywhere of the balloons flying over the US during Trump’s tenure.

The regime knew the story was just too unbelievable so they turned to their trusty allies over at CNN to help run cover.

CNN’s Natasha Bertrand heeded the call. Bertrand is the same reporter behind the 51 former intelligence officials claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation” in the days before the 2020 election when she was with Politico.

Now she worked her magic on the spy balloon narrative claiming that no one knew about the balloons flying over the US while Trump was president, until now, of course.

Nevertheless, the story wasn’t panning out for the regime quite like they had hoped it would.

Americans who aren’t paying much attention likely believe the regime’s narrative but it seems most Americans are indeed paying closer attention now and have a deep distrust for the media who routinely tells us to stop believing our own eyes.

Not only did Americans see with our own eyes that Trump was incredibly successful on the world stage but they see how Biden and his regime lie on a daily basis. The whole “Trump let China do it” narrative was the absolute wrong approach. No one in their right mind could believe it.

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  1. How much longer are the traitors in the White House and his minions in congress going to get away with dismantling our Republic? The daily lies by this administration and the attacks on citizens by the weaponized departments of government are becoming intolerable.


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