CCP Threatens U.S. For Not Allowing Its Spy Balloon To Fly

(NRSC News) – Joe Biden and his regime sat back and watched as a Chinese spy balloon flew across the United States. It started in Alaska, flew over Canada for a time, and then entered U.S. airspace again Feb. 1, over Montana. It seemed to have a pretty intentional path, flying over strategic U.S. military locations along the way.

However, when the balloon was finally shot down, after it had made it all the way to the east coast, China insisted the balloon was nothing more than a “civilian airship” used for scientific purposes and proceeded to threaten the U.S.

You just can’t make this stuff up. As if anyone is dumb enough to believe the balloon was just a science endeavor. Then to have Joe Biden sit back and simply allow it to continue flying across the U.S., when eastern Montana would have been an ideal place to shoot it down. It’s almost comical, if it weren’t so serious.

The cherry on top of this national security debacle, however, is how China seems to be running cover for the fact that they own Joe Biden.

A Chinese spokesperson issued a veiled threat after the destruction of the spy balloon, which very likely had a satellite feed back to China, saying Beijing would “resolutely safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.”

For supposedly being a scientific civilian balloon used for studying weather patterns, it sure is interesting that it just happened to fly right over sensitive areas in Montana where nuclear warheads are kept in silos.

It also just happened to fly over or very near other sensitive military locations.

“If you ask somebody to draw an X at every place where our sensitive missile defense sites, our nuclear weapons infrastructure, our nuclear weapon sites are, you would put them all along this path,” Rep. Mike Turner, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

When the balloon was discovered in Montana, it resulted in a cascade of calls to shoot it down from lawmakers and state officials. It wasn’t until Feb. 4, after the balloon had already made its way across the U.S., that the U.S. military finally took it down off the coast of South Carolina using a single AIM-9X supersonic, heat-seeking, air-to-air missile.

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) couldn’t just outright thank Joe Biden for his servitude in allowing the balloon to fly over the U.S., gaining valuable intelligence, so they issued a threat instead.

First, they criticized the military strike on the balloon and asserted it was a “civilian airship” used for meteorological and other scientific purposes and that it flew a seemingly strategic flight course over the U.S. “completely accidentally.”

U.S. officials have denied this wildly unbelievable assertion. Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, who serves as commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), noted that U.S. military and intelligence agencies exercised “maximum precaution” to prevent the craft from collecting intelligence.

He further claimed that waiting to take the balloon down somehow provided “unique opportunities” to conduct counterintelligence and that the balloon “did not present a physical military threat.”

It’s almost impossible to take these people seriously.

On Feb. 3, China expressed “regret” that the balloon had haphazardly wandered into U.S. airspace. That tone changed quickly, however, after the balloon was shot down around six nautical miles off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean where U.S. officials were able to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, balloons suspected of being Chinese spycraft have been spotted flying all over the world. Just this past weekend one was spotted flying across Latin America and the CCP confirmed it belonged to China.

The Colombian air force mobilized to monitor the balloon but determined it did not pose a threat. China’s influence has inundated South America as well so it’s not particularly surprising to learn Colombia did not take action against the balloon.

On Monday, China’s foreign ministry spun the same tale, insisting the balloon flew into Colombian airspace accidentally. A spokesperson declared the balloon had “deviated greatly” from its course due to “limited maneuverability” and that it was of a “civilian nature and used for flight tests.”

Congressional lawmakers began talks on Monday to determine a bipartisan resolution to denounce China over the spy balloon that the regime allowed to fly over the country.

“I think you could see that this week,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) stated on Monday, adding that the resolution would be focused on China. “I think our greatest strength is when we speak with one voice to China.”

Republicans have rightly criticized Joe Biden for allowing the balloon to fly for days before shooting it down. They are still maintaining the resolution should be bipartisan in nature and have suggested they won’t seek to blame Joe Biden.

“We want it to be a bipartisan resolution about China, not about us fighting each other,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told reporters on Monday. “It’s too important of an issue, you know. We want to stand strong together against China instead of having our internal fights.”

For now, we can all agree that Chinese spy balloons should not be welcome in U.S. airspace and China should be held accountable.

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