CNN Posts Update On Fetterman’s Health, People Aren’t Buying It

(NRSC News) – The John Fetterman health saga continues just as most people with working brains predicted would be the case before he miraculously won the PA Senate race in November.

While it’s pretty clear John Fetterman is no more fit for office now than he was then, his handlers continue to prop him up and essentially lie about his condition. The only problem is, no one’s buying it.

As you recall, last May, Fetterman suffered a stroke just prior to the Democratic primary in the Keystone State which he won by a large margin. The stroke, however, left him with serious cognitive disabilities as is common in stroke victims.

Most people who have suffered a stroke that severe, however, don’t run for office while they are still recovering. John Fetterman decided to stay in the game (no doubt at the urging of his wife and the Democratic Party) and it was, quite honestly, hard to watch.

Fetterman could barely speak coherently and required a closed captioning system just to be able to understand what was being said to him. He needed to step down but instead he won a sketchy election and is now a US Senator.

He’s a US Senator that’s sitting in the hospital, that is, and most people saw it coming. He’s been hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a few weeks now but not for the stroke. This time for “clinical depression.”

On Tuesday, CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju attempted to convince Americans that all is well with John Fetterman but anyone who’s ever had any experience with stroke victims and/or clinical depression can easily recognize things just aren’t adding up.

Raju, who is a leftist shill, offered an update on Fetterman’s health online Wednesday.

“John Fetterman is making progress in his recovery from clinical depression and could leave Walter Reed within next two weeks, a person close to the senator told me. The senator’s physician recently informed him that he will be ‘as good or better than his best days post-stroke,’” Raju tweeted.

Then he ran cover for his lengthy hospital stay: “Fetterman’s stay has lasted this long because the doctors have been trying to get his “medication balance exactly right,” per source. For instance, doctors learned his blood pressure med was too high, which may have contributed to dizziness when he went to GW hospital last month.”

The health update seemed questionable, at best, and Twitter users from both sides of the aisle did not hold back:

What’s happened to John Fetterman is sad. He’s being used as a pawn by the leftist political establishment (and his limelight-seeking wife) because getting a man in office who can barely think on his own was a better alternative than having him step down with no satisfactory replacement in an election that already required a substantial amount of cheating to win.

It’s utterly deplorable what’s happened in Pennsylvania and now the left is desperately hiding the truth about Fetterman’s condition, as was aptly pointed out by one Twitter user after another.

Pray for John Fetterman. He needs compassion and time to recover and heal. Ultimately he needs to step down but the wolves in the Democratic Party will never allow it.

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