Disgraced Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell Suggests Banning U.S. Troops From Watching Fox News

(NRSC News) – Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, who is still somehow serving in Congress, has suggested that not only should Fox News be censored but that US troops should be banned from watching the popular news network.

Swalwell, like every other Democrat in Congress, thinks he’s smarter than the lowly Americans he’s been elected to represent and serve. That’s why he feels it’s his job to “protect” Americans and thus the country by censoring the information we are exposed to.

As if Americans only believe the 2020 election was rigged and stolen because of something they heard on Fox News. As if people only believe the Jan. 6 “insurrection” was blown way out of proportion and propagandized by the left for political gain simply because Tucker Carlson said so.

Americans can see with their own eyes what’s going on. Eric Swalwell knows this and is desperate to shut down any sources of confirmation that what the American people see going on actually is, in fact, happening.

It’s remarkable that we are seeing such brazen calls for censorship by elected officials in America but it’s become commonplace.

Swalwell, best known for his romantic relationship with a Chinese spy, suggested to MSNBC host Katie Phang over the weekend that it might be in the best interests of American troops if the federal government stopped them from watching Fox News.

Wouldn’t want servicemen and women to actually be allowed to think for themselves now would we?

On Saturday, Swalwell and Phang were busy discussing the ongoing Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News lawsuit over the supposed “disinformation and misinformation” from the network’s evening lineup. Eventually the conversation devolved into Swalwell suggesting outright censorship for Fox News and banning the channel altogether for troops. Utter absurdity.

Just to put things in perspective: Phang works for a direct rival of Fox News and Swalwell is a member of the Democratic Party which Fox News pundits regularly challenge. These two have every reason in the world to want Fox News shut down and not a single one of those reasons has anything to do with what’s best for Americans.

“I’m worried a lot about Americans, and the disinformation and misinformation that was pumped out of Fox News,” Phang stated.

“Has there been any discussions in Congress about maybe congressional oversight, regulations, maybe the FCC getting involved? I know we all respect the First Amendment, congressman, but shouldn’t there be some type of gatekeeping that happens, so that this doesn’t happen again?”

Also keep in mind, the Dominion lawsuit is ongoing, not settled. These two establishment shills don’t care though. Fox News is guilty until proven innocent.

The conversation was bad enough when Phang, a lawyer, asked point blank if the federal government should violate the First Amendment to censor and regulate Fox News but Swalwell’s answer made it even worse.

His response stemmed from a group called VoteVets, which is a radical left political entity that claims on Twitter to be an organization of veterans and their families working to elect politicians who fight for “progressive values.”

In a Twitter post on March 6, the group demanded that Fox hosts be “removed from all TVs on military installations NOW.”

“I think about our troops,” Swalwell asserted. “And I’ve been all over the world. And I’ve visited our troops in some of the harshest places, and nothing makes them feel more like home than their access, you know, to American television programming. And a popular channel is Fox News.”

“And, again, I don’t want to get into the business of telling troops what they can and cannot watch, but if you have a news station that a court is going to rule is, in its evening hour, you know, perpetuating dis- and misinformation, I don’t know if I disagree with VoteVets who is saying we need to take a look at how this is being broadcast to our troops.”

“And I hope that’s an incentive for Fox News to clean up its evening hour, you know, starting with Tucker Carlson and going on later in the evening with Laura Ingraham. …”

“I don’t think we’re without complete recourse.”

First of all, these two are carrying on as if a judge has already ruled in Dominions’ favor and concluded that Fox News defamed the company. This has not happened.

Secondly, there’s a reason why Fox News is the most popular news network on television. Their hosts challenge the narratives and agendas of the radical left and the Biden regime regularly. Personalities like Tucker Carlson routinely call out the Deep State, question the establishment, and discuss the truth about the countless crises caused by Joe Biden and Co.

What’s more, the network stands for American values and opposes the immorality that has taken over the US. The majority of Americans also oppose the demented radical agenda that has dominated society for the last several years.

Fox News regularly dominates its competitors like CNN and MSNBC (both establishment media networks) and it’s really no wonder why. Democrats like Swalwell hate that Americans don’t just sit back and let them ruin the country. Fox News drives them nuts and they want nothing more than to shut it down and deny the American people access to the actual truth, so-called “misinformation.”

Now that Carlson has blown the lid off the Democrats’ Jan. 6 narrative, there is even more motivation from the establishment to destroy Fox News.

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  1. So so now communist spy dating Dem Rep Swalwell wants to make it so the troops can’t hear the truth how communist can you get comrade. I wonder did Fang Fang suggest he do that. Just wondering.


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