Donald Trump Issues Plea To His Supporters Dealing With ‘Bad Things’ At Polling Places

(NRSC News) – We all should have seen it coming. Election Day shenanigans quickly came to light and even President Trump felt compelled to issue a plea to voters looking to cast their ballots for Republicans on Tuesday.

Trump’s message, which was shared on Twitter by his former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, referenced the many voting issues that were being experienced and observed around the country, most significantly in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

“Don’t leave your line. Stay where you are,” Trump said.

“They say that the machines aren’t working. They say that they’re running out of paper in different locations throughout different states. There’s a lot of bad things going on. Stay on line. Do not leave.”

“I know you don’t want to be there as long as they’re going to try and force you. They want to delay you out of voting and you cannot let them delay you out of voting,” he continued.

Delays were just one way Democrats tried to get voters to abandon their mission. Election Day always sees far greater numbers of Republican voters than Democrat voters and forcing people to wait in lines for an hour and a half or longer is most definitely one way to get people to turn around and leave.

In Pennsylvania, voters were being required to fill out provisional ballots for a variety of reasons. In Luzerne County, voters were being forced to fill out provisional ballots after being told the machines had run out of paper.

A judge was then prompted to extend the voting deadline until 10 pm in response to the bizarre paper shortage.

Meanwhile, voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, faced major technical malfunctions all throughout Election Day. Maricopa county is home to about 60% of the state’s registered voters. It was a major source of contention in the 2020 election and now, here we are again.

County officials informed voters early Tuesday morning that nearly 20% of the county’s voting machines were malfunctioning. Could the corruption be anymore obvious?

Not to mention, who decided it was a good idea to allow Democrat Katie Hobbs to continue to oversee elections as Secretary of State while she simultaneously ran for governor? She should have been required to recuse herself. The entire thing is a mess.

The voting machine malfunctions created incredibly long wait lines at many voting locations throughout the county, some reaching over an hour.

“To the people of Arizona in particular because that’s the one that’s come up right now, stay on line, don’t leave,” Trump stated.

“Already a lot of people have left, and it’s very very unfair what’s going on. Maricopa County don’t leave. Stay there.”

Is it any wonder that Americans no longer trust that the US has fair and free elections?

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