Fox News Footage Shows Biden Administration Releasing Chinese Illegal Aliens Into The US

(NRSC News) – The United States is being invaded. There’s no other way to look at it. Under the Biden regime, our southern border has a massive “Open” sign and the world has got the message loud and clear.

The border is being inundated daily with illegal aliens from all over the world. While we mostly imagine people from Central and South America making the dangerous trek, people are coming from all across the globe to violate America’s sovereignty.

This includes Chinese nationals. Fox News recently captured video of Border Patrol agents at the southern border releasing a small group of illegal aliens into the country and these particular illegals were from China.

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins posted a video to Twitter on Monday showing agents in the Rio Grande Valley rounding up a group of Chinese illegal aliens as they attempted to enter the country illegally.

The next day, Jenkins shared a video showing Border Patrol agents in Brownsville, Texas, releasing a larger group of Chinese nationals with notices to appear in court. There is no more room for illegal aliens to be properly and legally detained. The system is too overwhelmed. The apparent alternative is to release illegal aliens into the country with nothing more than a paper giving them a date to appear in court. Illegals rarely show up for their court dates. Even they know their asylum claims are bogus.

It’s bad enough that the US has droves of illegal aliens flooding into the country from the continents connected to us but these videos show the grim reality of the situation. Illegals from all over the world are making the journey to our southern border and their goal is not to claim asylum at a port of entry. Their goal is to enter illegally.

Chinese nationals entering the US undetected is especially concerning considering China is ramping up their aggressions toward Taiwan and our mainland. The talks between China and Russia should concern the world but especially the US. A World War could be looming right around the corner.

There’s a good chance that the Chinese illegal aliens who make it to our southern border are actually agents and spies of the Chinese Communist Party. After all, China has a social credit scoring system in which the CCP takes action against dissenters like restricting their travel.

Republican Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio wondered on Twitter how many Chinese spies are entering the US via the southern border.

“Will they spy on Americans? Collect intelligence on our military installations? Our own government apparently doesn’t care to find out.”

The Biden regime is too busy celebrating men who dress up as women for “Women’s History Month” to take the border situation seriously. Not that they even care to take it seriously. What we have been seeing on the southern border is quite literally Biden and his regime’s actual immigration plan being implemented.

They don’t care at all that releasing scores of illegal aliens from hostile foreign countries into our country is a massive national security threat. That’s the whole point of border security; to stop potential threats from entering our country.

The Biden regime obsessively insists that Ukraine’s border is worth protecting while allowing ours to be violated daily by potentially dangerous bad actors.

This entire regime is anti-American to the core. If there was ever a reason to impeach a president, this would be it.

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  1. This is an invasion of our Republic and if the government refuses to do their sworn duty to enforce the law then citizens have the right to defend our Homeland.


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