GOP Senator Proposes Social-Media Ban For Kids Under 16

(NRSC News) – American culture has been under attack by the radical left for years now and they aren’t going to stop until they’ve captured an entire generation. Thanks to technology and social media, the left is well on their way to accomplishing that.

These are unprecedented times and America is facing a threat from within unlike anything this country has ever seen before. The moral decay of society is rapidly accelerating and it’s going to take drastic, unprecedented measures to stop it.

The transgender ideology has become one of the most dangerous influences on young people in America. It’s become especially effective coupled with the decline in traditional, Judeo-Christian values and ethics that used to dominate US culture and families.

One Republican senator has introduced legislation in the hopes of protecting children from the constant exposure to the transgender religion and other harmful, immoral ideas leftists have become highly successful in inundating them with.

On Tuesday, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley introduced a bill that would ban social media companies from offering accounts to children under the age of 16.

Minors have long been able to circumvent age requirements by simply lying about their age, however, the “MATURE Act” would require social media platforms to verify that users are 16 or older by scanning government-issued ID. The bill would also prohibit these companies from allowing anyone under 16 to open an account. It would further allow parents of children under 16 to sue social media companies for damages if the platform allows their child to open an account.

“Children suffer every day from the effects of social media. At best, Big Tech companies are neglecting our children’s health and monetizing their personal information. At worst, they are complicit in their exploitation and manipulation. It’s time to give parents the weapons they need to strike back,” Hawley said in a press release. “That starts with an age restriction for social media. And it’s long past time for well-funded research on the scale of the problem. We must set the precedent that these companies can no longer take advantage of our children.”

This is exactly the type of law that is needed to protect children from the deranged agenda of the radical left. Don’t expect Democrats to agree.

Hawley also introduced legislation to commission a report on the impact of social media on children over 10 years old, with emphasis on gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety, suicidality, eating disorders and attention deficit disorder.

You’d think Democrats would at least be interested in understanding the effects of pushing their agenda on young, impressionable children through social media and other entertainment apps. We can conclude that the soaring rates of young people who now identify as transgender can be attributed to social media. Some mental health professionals have identified these platforms as the fuel behind this social contagion.

On any given day young people are exposed to a barrage of content on TikTok that promotes gender transitions and LGBT lifestyles as the answers to common adolescent emotions and issues. Instead of relying on their parents to help them navigate life, young people are turning to social media and its leading them down paths of despair, immorality, harm, and lies.

Many detransitioners have even reported that they made the decision to undergo irreversible gender transition surgeries because of the influence from online communities they found on social media. They now regret those decisions and wish to protect children from making the same dangerous choices.

If parents don’t want to do the parenting then someone’s got to step up and protect the children. Kudos to Sen. Hawley for taking difficult but necessary action.

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