John Fetterman Shown Working In First Pics Since Being Hospitalized, But There’s 1 Major Problem

(NRSC News) – After Sen. John Fetterman won in November, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before he was back in the hospital. After suffering a stroke in May and not having fully recovered, it was clear Fetterman was not fit to serve.

Sure enough, last month Fetterman was taken to the hospital after feeling “light headed” but was released only to be back at the hospital days later for depression, this time being admitted.

Meanwhile, his wife took the kids and bailed on him, going to Canada for a vacation. Now she’s shared the first photos of her husband since his hospitalization on Twitter but there’s just one glaring problem: she didn’t take them.

Fetterman has been checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a few weeks for symptoms of clinical depression but his wife is MIA instead of standing by her man.

On Monday, Adam Jentleson, Sen. Fetterman’s chief-of-staff, posted the photos of Fetterman in the hospital to Twitter and explained that he met with Fetterman to get work done.

Gisele Fetterman responded to the tweet, saying, “Society’s expectations and traditional gender roles play a part in why men are less likely to discuss or seek help for their mental health. As always, John continues to challenge the conversation. So human, so kind, so cute.”

Where was Gisele Fetterman when she wrote her response to Jentleson’s tweet? Hundreds of miles away in Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Just to recap, after her husband was admitted to the hospital for severe depression (because it’s got to be a lot to be a US Senator when you can’t even comprehend what people are saying to you) his wife took their kids and fled the country for a vacation. Now she’s still not in Washington DC with her husband and someone else is sitting with him in the hospital.

Instead of being with her husband, supporting, encouraging and comforting him, she’s just sharing pictures of him taken by someone else on Twitter. On top of that, she’s “celebrating” his mental illness. This woman is something else.

Instead of his wife, Fetterman is being visited by his chief of staff for the purposes of continuing to carry out his duties as US Senator. Which really begs the question of whether he’s fit to serve at all? Is the hospital really the place for a US Senator to be conducting business?

Meanwhile, his wife is applauding his depression which is so severe that he’s hospitalized for it.

The phrase, “John continues to challenge the conversation,” is bizarre. He continues to do this by pressing forward despite obvious physical and mental health concerns and limitations that should be addressed rather than celebrated?

What Fetterman needs is to rest and recover privately, not continue working as a senator from the hospital.

His wife just loves the attention Fetterman gets for his health problems and disabilities. She’s an opportunist of the worst kind.

Fetterman should have stepped out of the senate race after his stroke but no doubt his wife encouraged him to stay in it. Then when it was clear he wasn’t up for the job because he couldn’t take questions without a special closed caption system, she attacked anyone who expressed concern and labeled them an “ableist.”

Now her husband is in the hospital suffering from depression because it’s all too much for him to handle and she’s abandoned him and is now applauding him as if it’s all perfectly good and well. John Fetterman’s just a trail blazer and we shouldn’t be at all concerned that he’s actually not fit for office.

Fetterman has been nothing but a pawn to the Democratic Party who used him despite his health issues to maintain control of the Senate. It’s clear not even his own wife cares about what’s best for him.

This has turned into a really sad, unfortunate situation.

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  1. Seems like a trend for democrat politicians’ wives to push them back into service when they aren’t mentally or physically capable of performing the duties of the job. Jill Biden? Yep.

  2. I have been wanting to contact John Fetterman for some time now. I hope this gets to him. I too had a stroke, or was it a cerebrovascular accident? in July 2013. I was a judicial interpreter, a job I truly LOVED. This many years post-incident I still struggle to with doubts about cognitive dysfunction even in the face of overwhelming blessings. I am fine. I suspect you are, too. Hang in there my friend. Be gentle to yourself. Don’t give in to despair. Keep being brave. People are the key. Keep the faith. Your friend, Gilbert Nieto

  3. Fetterman is dead. Or on life support somewhere. With CGI, hologram and AI technology, you can continue to pretend that someone is viable. This is a sick game they have been playing for decades. Just to fool the sleeping masses.


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