JUST IN: Gayle Manchin Received $200M From Omnibus Bill

(NRSC News) – Remember back when Democrat Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia had what seemed to be unmovable integrity and brazenly stood on principle to stop the Biden regime and his own party from moving forward with anti-American legislation?

That time is a distant memory now. The regime managed to get Manchin to fall in line and support the $1.7 trillion omnibus package that he once opposed and now we know what the motivation to do so was.

It’s hard to say what one would or wouldn’t do for a million dollars when you’re not faced with such a prospect. Congress men and women are, however, faced with these decisions routinely especially when it comes to the legislative process where they can decide to send millions of dollars to this agency or that. It appears Joe Manchin forfeited his principles and integrity in exchange for $200 million in the form of federal funding for an agency headed by his wife, Gayle.

RealClear Policy revealed that the Appalachian Regional Commission operates as an economic development partnership between the federal government and 13 Appalachian states, distributing infrastructure grants in those states.

Fox News explains that Gayle Manchin makes $160,000 as its head and that she was confirmed by the Senate in 2021.

The $200 million in funding is a $5 million increase from last year.

“The West Virginia senator previously helped craft earlier legislation, following his wife’s 2021 appointment, that allocated $1 billion in funding over five years for the ARC,” Fox reported. Sen. Manchin was a key Democratic negotiator of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which doubled the commission’s funding level. Nothing shady about that, right?

Naturally, Gayle Manchin defended the spending increase in 2021, claiming the funding is necessary to “more adequately meet the overwhelming needs of communities impacted by job losses resulting from the decline in the coal industry. These grants will be instrumental to the long-term diversification and economic growth in Appalachia.”

Except Joe Manchin’s decision to approve of the omnibus package hurts Americans, especially those who are dependent on the energy sector for jobs like many are in her home state of West Virginia and others in Appalachia.

Something doesn’t seem to add up. We have to wonder how much of that money ended up in the personal possession of the Manchins.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only time federal funds were sent directly to a family member of a member of Congress from the omnibus bill.

Rep. Jim Cooper sent $2.7 million to Metro Nashville, where his brother John Cooper is mayor. Sen. Ben Ray Lujan secured $152 million for his home state of New Mexico, where Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is a distant relative.

There is currently nothing illegal about funneling millions of dollars to agencies, cities, and states headed by family members but it sure doesn’t look good.

No wonder Americans no longer trust the government.

$200 million. That was the price for Joe Manchin to sell West Virginians (and the rest of the country) down the river.

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  1. It simply sickens me that the majority of 435 elected politicians are so corrupt and nearly all of them part of the Swamp. January 6th (hopefully) was only a preview of what it will become incumbent upon Patriots to ultimately achieve. Term limits anyone?

  2. You’re an idiot reporter. If you lived in the Appalachia area of the US You would know the need for the additional $5m to ARC, Appalachia Regional Commission and included not West Virginia but Tennessee, Kentucky and Tennessee. If you knew these families that busted coal to mine to fuel America to its greatness today and then have the coal industry shut down for the green plan, we’ll let me tell you Virginia is on the move to reinvent energy development in these dark coal mountains to help you charge your electric car and stove. You did not do your research and blackened Manchin with your coal dust and I’m a Tennessean. Just remember who can provide electric to keep the lights on and keep warm. I apologize for branding you as an idiot. I meant to say well I better not say but keep my dignity and pride. Where is yours.


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