MUST-SEE: Biden Trips And Falls Going Up Air Force One Stairs Again

(NRSC News) – Despite getting a clean bill of health from the White House doctor after a routine physical earlier this month, Joe Biden, the country’s oldest president, once again fell up the steps of Air Force One.

On Wednesday, Biden appeared to lose his balance as he tripped going up the steps to board Air Force One on his way home from Poland.

He fell forward about halfway up the stairs to the plane as he boarded at Warsaw Chopin Airport. He recovered and kept going, almost lost his balance again, made it to the top and collected himself, gave a quick wave and entered the plane.

This isn’t the first time Biden has tripped and fell going up the stairs to board Air Force One. The New York Post stated, “In March 2021, Biden stumbled twice before hitting the deck while trying to depart for Georgia. At the time, then-White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blamed an ill-timed gust of wind for the presidential pratfall.”

Just last year, Biden seemed to lose his balance in May as he walked up the Air Force One steps at Andrews Air Force Base on his way to Illinois. That time he gripped onto the handrail for dear life and avoided falling.

Then in June, he staggered again while attempting to climb the steps before heading to Los Angeles.

Biden’s latest stumble boarding Air Force One is just further evidence that he is not fit to serve, either physically or mentally.

Though White House doctor Kevin O’Connor performed a physical last week and asserted Biden is in great condition to serve in the nation’s highest office, he did note that Biden had a stiff gait and attributed it to “significant spinal arthritis, mild post-fracture foot arthritis and a mild sensory peripheral neuropathy of the feet.”

No mention of his obvious dementia.

President Trump weighed in on Biden falling up the steps yet again in a comical Truth Social post:

Biden’s entire reign has been plagued by stumbles and missteps, both physically and mentally. He literally cannot get through a single speech without mispronouncing words, losing train of thought, becoming confused or spewing completely unintelligible words. He has fallen up stairs and off his bike. He’s been caught on video wandering aimlessly through restaurants, the White House lawn and across stages. He’s tried to shake hands with invisible people and frequently can’t figure out how to exit rooms he’s in. While speaking he often does bizarre things like whisper aggressively and get inappropriately indignant. There is something not right with Joe Biden and it couldn’t be more obvious. His entire presidency is a slap in the face to the American people.

At the end of the day, however, Biden doesn’t need to be physically or mentally fit to serve. He’s just a puppet, after all. It might be incredibly embarrassing for the US but to those pulling the strings, he’s perfect.

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    • Joe and Jill went up the plane to screw to screw the country more. Joe fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after! LOL

      Joe is a bumbling inept fool that belongs in one place only, a nursing home!

      Any moron that can’t see it by the absolute disaster of this country and his administration is completely clueless!
      EVERY single aspect whether it gas, food, homeless, illegals, drugs, crime, foreign policy, and spending money on the Ukraine when it isn’t even our country instead of fixing this countries problems, crime out of control with prisoners let out, the lack of response on border, derailment, domestic terrorists groups like ANTIFA and BLM being allowed to exist, keeping career welfare people to keep getting money, bringing complete mental freaks into positions like Rachel and Sam with horrible consequences and risk to children, classified documents and Hunter putting our country at risk with and all the gaffes anytime he opens his mouth including everything else he is a complete failure and disaster and most definitely the WORST PRESIDENT EVER, even worse than Carter!

      You pathetic people that actually wasted a vote on this putz and defend him couldn’t have done a better job of trashing this country right into the toilet! Even some third world countries don’t look this bad!

      Don’t suscribe! There is a reason this country is like this and it’s only because the gutter trash and ignorant that put him in the WH with their votes and deep pocket corruption and fraud! Every other country can see it including the intellect of this country just not democrats, leftists, and RINOs! They all have turned this into a complete mockery!

      You pompous A for having the audacity to think this country is ok and you wonder why he is mocked? Grow a brain and walk outside your door! The way grandpa is going we’ll be lucky if he doesn’t have us in a war! Not ONE of the democrats have any sense AT ALL! I don’t know what planet you’re on but it certainly isn’t earth!

    • I am NOT attacking you or your beliefs. I would like to hear what your party has done to improve America. We continue to send monies to help other countries. I do not understand why we do not help our country first?

      I am not looking to start any fights. I will respect what you say and ask you do the same.

  1. Biden is not capable of running a country. He doesn’t know where he is, where he’s going, or what he’s saying, He’s basically occupying the position. I find it sad for our country that the democrats, and especially Jill, can put him through this. She is probably deeply involved in the China deals too. Evidence is his failure to investigate the source of COVID 19, probably because his handlers knew where that would lead. The lab in China! Now, we know too. It was known early on. China sent this virus world wide. They’re a “favorite nation”?????/
    Look around you. Crime? Inflation? Financial disaster? Russia? China? WOKE? Supreme Court Justice can’t describe a woman? (It’s the one with the uterous). Ignoring East Palestine to go to Ukraine ? The Bidens have been involved there with personal financial deals also. After 100 BILLION dollars, how much is enough? Why aren’t we meeting with Ukraine’s neighbors and NATO toward a solution?
    We need a leader who can lean and who can get us on positive footing again. It won’t happen in one term as we’ve been rapidly taken down a path to our destruction by Biden.


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