REPORT: Trump Unveils No Holds Barred Plan To Drain The Swamp In 2025… DOJ, FBI Put On Notice

(NRSC News) – During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump made it known that he intended to “drain the swamp” and do away with the Deep State controlled by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

He did a fair share of that after being elected but there’s still a long way to go and Trump has made it clear to those close to him that he intends to finish the job should he run in 2024 and win.

Axios reported Friday that non-profit groups like Conservative Partnership Institute, the Center for Renewing America and America First Legal, along with others are already working on laying the groundwork for gutting the corrupt federal government should Trump get a second term.

The plan is to review the federal government and make lists of pointless positions, biased actors and duplicate departments that are prime for being eliminated.

They plan on targeting sectors from the EPA, the IRA, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Judiciary, the Pentagon, and the intelligence sector along with other areas, according to Axios.

“These groups are operating on multiple fronts: shaping policies, identifying top lieutenants, curating an alternative labor force of unprecedented scale, and preparing for legal challenges and defenses that might go before Trump-friendly judges, all the way to a 6-3 Supreme Court,” Axios wrote.

Trump would also likely re-institute his “Schedule F” plan which would result in the instant reclassification of tens of thousands of federal employees as “Schedule F” employees. This would take them out of their union-protected status and classify them as “at will” employees.

This would mean that their jobs are at the will of the president and they can be fired without question or opposition. This is a pivotal step in draining the swamp and that’s why Trump had planned to implement the “Schedule F” strategy earlier in his presidency but COVID derailed his plans.

Biden, of course, issued an executive order 3 days into his term, reversing Trump’s “Schedule F” plan.

Axios reported that Trump supporters say the “Schedule F” plan would be a significant step finally ending the “farce” of a nonpartisan federal workforce that has been filled with radical left operatives by Obama and Biden.

However, getting rid of the paper-pushers is only one part of the plan. Trump and his allies would need to get rid of countless unelected officials who carry out the radical left’s bidding.

Much of President Trump’s America First agenda was thwarted by the Deep State which Trump was simply not prepared to take on at the time. Now, however, he is much better positioned and has the officials he needs to replace those within the Deep State to actually see the “Schedule F” plan be a success and the Washington DC swamp finally drained.

Trump will have to take action quickly upon winning another term. Having only one term certainly will have its benefits. He won’t have to worry about reelection and can upset and offend people at will in order to clean up the federal government. Though most of the people he would be upsetting will be packing their bags and leaving town so it won’t really matter.

Trump, according to Axios, also plans to get the military and intelligence services purged of the radical left, woke officials and leaders who are currently at the helm running these agencies into the ground.

The plan is to go “after the national security apparatus, ‘clean house’ in the intelligence community and the State Department, target the ‘woke generals’ at the Defense Department and remove the top layers of the Justice Department and FBI,” Axios reported.

Trump has been very open about “firing the swamp,” as Breitbart News has reported.

During his appearance at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit over the weekend, Trump said, “To drain the swamp, we need to fire the swamp. With schedule F, I took executive action to make it possible to fire federal employees who are bypassing our democracy to advance wokeism and corruption.”

He also added, “We now need Congress to institute historic reforms to permanently empower the president to root out the deep state, and ensure that any bureaucrat who is corrupt, incompetent, or unnecessary can be told, ‘You’re fired.’”

Trump became a household name using the term “You’re fired” and now Americans are desperate to hear him use those words again to save America.

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