TEXAS LT. GOV. UNLOADS: Biden WH Is A ‘Culture Of Death’

(NRSC News) – Leftists claim to be all about “love” and “tolerance” and “inclusion” but the reality is that what they really actually embrace is hate, rage and death.

The left truly is the culture of death and that “death culture” has made its way all the way to the White House.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick slammed the Biden regime Tuesday during an interview on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show,” saying “everywhere you turn this administration is a culture of death.”

“There’s no compassion, sympathy, any understanding at all by the left,” Patrick, a Republican, asserted, despite the left’s claims that they represent these very virtues.

“They have just totally discarded the value of life in the womb, the value of life crossing the border, the value of life in our streets and the value of life of Americans hooked on fentanyl.”

Indeed they have. When you look at Democratic strongholds around the US, things aren’t in good shape. Drug-use and overdoses are at all-time highs along with violent crime and lawlessness.

When Patrick was asked about the 51 migrants who were recently found dead in the back of an abandoned 18-wheeler truck at the southern border, he said Biden regime officials “seem to have no conscience, no caring, no responsibility, no accountability for what’s happening.”

“It’s clear that these 50 people who died in the back of that 18-wheeler in the most horrendous death that you can imagine — suffocating at 130- or 140-degree heat or higher, scrambling over each other, pounding against a locked door, suffocating and dying in the heat — that this is clearly a result of the Biden policies,” he said.

“But that’s just the latest,” Patrick continued. “We’ve seen people drowned in the river. We’ve seen fentanyl pour across our borders and drive up the death rate of teenagers and young adults in this country because of the border policies.”

It’s hard not to be personally affected by Biden’s disastrous border policies, fentanyl deaths have become so rampant that no community in the US seems to be immune.

What’s even worse is the left’s embrace and zealous defense of abortion “rights” in the US. If there was ever a clear, undeniable indicator that the left is the culture of death, their love of unborn baby murder is it.

During a Tuesday interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Kamala Harris talked about providing women with financial resources or some type of government voucher so that they can continue to be unimpeded in their efforts to kill their own unborn children despite living in states where abortion is now or may soon be illegal.

“So this is something that we are looking at because we know, for example, in terms of how this is going to actually impact real people, over half of women who receive abortions in America are moms,” Harris said.

“That means that if they’re going to have to travel, they have to find daycare and pay for it. It means that they will, if they are working, which most are, they’re going to have to have time from work and if they don’t have paid leave, they are going to have to figure out how to afford it.”

Oh, the horror. Women actually having to be inconvenienced to kill their unborn children. That’s the culture of death for you.

Patrick said that a federal plan to continue promoting abortion through subsidies would be “about taking the innocent lives of more babies in the womb.”

“So everywhere you turn, this administration is a culture of death,” he said.

Indeed. It has never been more obvious.

Patrick also touched on the upcoming midterm elections and noted that it’s about a lot more than just getting Republicans into office. It’s about taking action after the fact.

“Are we going to take back this country for the word of God?” he asked. “Are we going to take back this country for the values and principles it was founded on? Or are we going to let the socialist Marxist left take everything away from us?”

That is the question. The future of America is resting on the backs of Republicans running for office this November. The first step is getting them into office.

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