Video Of Biden Goes Viral As Americans Try To Decipher Joe’s Major Announcement

(NRSC News) – Joe Biden is a sad shell of a man whose brain has completely and utterly given up on him. He’s an elderly man suffering from dementia and should be sitting in a rocking chair in a nursing home somewhere, not giving State of the Union addresses at the Capitol. It’s hard to feel sorry for him, however, considering he’s the face of the movement that’s destroying the US.

As per usual when Biden speaks, he lost control of his cognitive abilities during the State of the Union Address Tuesday night. His mouth just couldn’t seem to make sense of the words he was told to say. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

Despite reading the speech off of a teleprompter, Biden still managed to botch the words and indecipherable nonsense spewed forth. Nonetheless, Democrats gave him a standing ovation. We’re still not totally sure what he was trying to say. The Democrats just know they support it.

On Wednesday, conservative news network The First attempted to put into writing the sounds Biden made, writing, “If you try anything to raise the cost of frishi-heh-fring-fruzh, I will veto it!”

Biden was talking about the drug industry so we can only assume when he stated “frishi-heh-fring-fruzh” it was in reference to pharmaceutical drugs. Perhaps he was trying to say “prescription drugs.”

The White House transcript of the speech confirms that he was supposed to say “prescription drugs” but what came out was outright gibberish. Democrats cheered nevertheless.

The blunder caused a comical uproar on Twitter:

Some weren’t so amused and pointed out what an absolute embarrassment Biden is:

While the White House transcript shed light on what Biden was supposed to say, those tasked with transcribing the speech had different takes. CNBC’s livestream put “producing jobs” in place of the sounds Biden produced.

Biden has made a habit of muttering non-word sounds when giving speeches. In September, while speaking about infrastructure, Biden made a whole lot of nonsense when he said, “But the truth is there’s a lot more Republicans out there taking credit for the new bridges and those bldhyindclapding than actually voted for it.”

The transcript also couldn’t make sense of it.

In another instance, he shouted “rededudenedefet this year,” when it appears he meant “reduce the deficit.” It truly sounds like utter nonsense:

Previously, during speech about Ukraine in April, Biden had trouble with the word “kleptocrats” when he blurted out “kleptocrack” followed by seconds of awkward, confused sputtering.

He also had issues during an October CNN interview when he touted “a billion a trillion 700 million dollars billion dollars off the sidelines of investment” for climate change.

Later that same month, he was responding to a question about Democrats who would not campaign with him and replied, in the words of one Twitter user, “No they’re by 16 here and I’ve already gone in 48 and a lot more rhæssed another 20 or so. Ombinigona.”

That response was truly indecipherable. No wonder the establishment has decided now is the time to abandon Biden. The media has become more critical of Biden and potential candidates for the presidency are being quietly floated. Not to mention the whole classified document scandal that is sure to be his undoing.

The left doesn’t want him or Trump in the White House in 2025 and they’re going to do everything in their power to use the classified document situations to accomplish that.

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