WATCH: Kamala’s Jaw Drops As She’s Caught Off-Guard With Question About Kiss Between Jill Biden And Her Husband

(NRSC News) – If you watched any of the highlights from Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address last week, you no doubt saw the now infamous kiss between Jill Biden and Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff.

The kiss was awkward enough but even more awkwardness has come in its wake. Harris appeared to be caught completely off guard during an interview when asked about the kiss. She seemed shocked by the question.

How could Harris not have seen or even heard about Jill Biden kissing her husband smack on the lips upon arriving at the Capitol for the SOTA? It was all over social media. This was just the latest example of how utterly unprepared and uninformed Biden and Harris are on a regular basis.

During an interview a few days after the address, Univision’s Edwin Pitti asked Harris about the viral video, inquiring, “What is your reaction to the video, which many say they have to gossip about?”

Harris’s jaw hit the floor. She responded, “No, I haven’t watched the video. I don’t know.”

She quickly brushed it off and moved on to her usual incoherent rambling about Jill Biden and her husband working together to fight antisemitism, or something.

Just like Joe Biden, Harris is never prepared to go off script. She never appears to be prepared for anything, quite frankly. She had no response to this question despite the inevitability of it being asked and it was just downright awkward.

Joe Biden is an elderly man who clearly suffers from dementia. When he stumbles through speeches and forgets who he is or sputters nonsense, we get it. What’s Kamala’s excuse?

Her inability to be prepared and the way she awkwardly addresses rooms full of adults has been cringey, at best. She’s a horrible public speaker and it’s a wonder she’s managed to win elections. She’s only won anything because of her willingness to say whatever she needs to say to be the most radical leftist she can be, no matter how nonsensical it is.

She’s a fool, just like her boss Joe Biden. They’re also both puppets of the globalist masters that pull the strings and wish to see the US destroyed by their progressive agenda.

Many view Harris as more dangerous than Joe Biden since she’s always been very brazen about her radical left views and agenda but the truth is she’s controlled by those in the shadows and is too unintelligent to ever be dangerous on her own. She proves that every time she opens her mouth.

Should Biden ever become disposed of, Harris won’t be any better or worse. It’ll just be more of the same as dictated by those behind the scenes whose identities we can only guess at for now.

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  1. Looks like an innocent peck between friends to me! From the heading I thought it was going to be full on tongue wrestling and tonsil exploration!

  2. It would have been more news worthy if Dr Jill had done the lip smacker with Mike Obama… Kamala is just a nonsensical moron…

  3. You’ve officially become the National Enquirer of politics. Your juvenile reporting & brutal, nonsensical, regurgional, & personal attacks on the vice president & president have convinced this life long Republican that I will have a tough time voting for almost any Republican in 2024. You people are embarrassing. I hope for two things: That you do not have Donald Trump as our candidate in 2024 (although this article sounds like it was written by him) and that you somehow locate an adult among to write these articles for you. While the current Vice President & President may not be my choice to run our country, I’m disgusted by your personal attacks on them.


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