What’s He Trying To Hide? No Visitor Logs From Biden Home Where Classified Files Found: WH

(NRSC News) – The White House Counsel’s Office said in a statement Monday that there are no visitor logs for Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home. But did anyone actually think there would be?

Over the weekend, Republicans in Congress demanded to see visitor logs following the news that Biden’s lawyers had discovered a stash of classified documents inside Biden’s garage and in an adjacent room. We all know the White House keeps detailed visitor logs but Biden’s lawyers say no such records exist for his private residence in Delaware.

That’s the whole point. No one in Congress was actually expecting there to be visitor logs for Biden’s private home and that’s exactly why it’s so egregious for him to be in possession of sensitive material that he had no right to possess in the first place. There’s absolutely no telling who had access to the documents and what the fall out of that access was or will be.

“Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal,” the White House Counsel’s Office told Fox News Digital on Monday, before taking a shot at Trump, “But upon taking office, President Biden restored the norm and tradition of keeping White House visitors logs, including publishing them regularly, after the previous administration ended them.”

Now Biden faces a special counsel investigation into his handling of classified documents which he claims he takes “very seriously” and that’s why they were in his “locked garage” next to his Corvette.

On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur as special counsel to investigate and discover “whether any person or entity violated the law in connection with this matter.”

That garage wasn’t the only place Biden stored classified documents. His lawyers previously found a stash in his former office at the Penn Biden Center think tank, a Chinese money magnate. Those documents were found just one week before the midterm elections back in November. It should come as no surprise the news was withheld from the American people until now.

The Secret Service also explained Sunday that they don’t keep records on visitors despite having a detail assigned to the residence.

“We don’t independently maintain our own visitor logs because it’s a private residence,” spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told reporters.

On Sunday, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, demanded to see visitor logs for the Delaware residence and stressed the seriousness of the situation.

“Given the serious national security implications, the White House must provide the Wilmington residence’s visitor log,” Comer wrote to White House chief of staff Ron Klain. “As Chief of Staff, you are head of the Executive Office of the President and bear responsibility to be transparent with the American people on these important issues related to the White House’s handling of this matter.”

The White House Counsel’s Office searched both of Biden’s Delaware residences last week after the news broke of the first batch being found at the Penn Biden Center in DC. The White House lawyers claim they immediately contacted the DOJ after finding the documents inside Biden’s garage. There has not been any information on what the documents pertain to or if anyone else besides Biden viewed them.

“Lawyers discovered among personal and political papers a small number of additional Obama-Biden administration records with classified markings. All but one of these documents were found in storage space in the President’s Wilmington residence garage,” White House lawyers wrote in a Thursday statement. “One document consisting of one page was discovered among stored materials in an adjacent room.”

The Biden regime has made arrangements to deliver the documents to the DOJ.

It would appear that the Democratic Party might finally be turning on Biden. He’s served his purpose but is likely getting too difficult to manage with his obvious dementia and inability to speak coherently. He’s also as trustworthy as a snake oil salesman. It was only a matter of time before he was discarded and silenced. Stay tuned as the entire Democratic Party and their media allies turn on him in unison. They might be lying, corrupt, anti-American radicals but they are certainly disciplined.

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