WHISTLEBLOWER: US Election Data Stored In China

(NRSC News) – China has most definitely been involved in the influencing of American elections and now we know they’ve been collecting personal information on US citizens too.

The Daily Caller reports that a Michigan-based election infrastructure firm stored poll workers’ private data on servers located in China. This information was obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation through a new whistleblower complaint that corresponds with earlier allegations against the company and CEO Eugene Yu.

The Daily Caller revealed:

“Grant Bradley, a former employee at Konnech, a software firm that provides logistics for poll stations at 32 locations across the U.S., also said that the company’s “developers, designers and coders are all Chinese nationals based out of Wuhan, China,” in the complaint, which was first disclosed by the Federalist on Friday and filed in Michigan court on Dec. 22, shows. Bradley claimed to witness information of poll watchers “being made accessible” to individuals in China but did not comprehend the extent of the data routed through China until True the Vote, an election integrity advocacy organization, lodged allegations in 2021.”

“Even Konnech employees who have seen evidence of wrongdoing are acting to tell their story,” True the Vote told the DCNF.

Konnech illegally provided “Chinese programmers private data of poll workers, to include social security numbers and other personal identifying information,” the complaint asserts. Konnech originally employed the Chinese nationals but Yu claims he fired them in response to public pressure to cut ties with Beijing.

“However, internally, Defendant Yu had no intention of severing the relationship with the Chinese nationals,” the complaint says. While appearing to fire the nationals, Yu instead just contracted the same work with them.

The complaint explains that Bradley raised concerns with management but was told that “everyone was doing it,” referring to software companies like Apple and Microsoft.

The New York Times disclosed that on Oct. 5, authorities arrested Yu in Michigan after True the Vote raised concerns about Yu and Konnech to the FBI in 2021. The election integrity organization claimed their researchers had accessed Konnech data from servers in China.

The Los Angeles County district attorney began investigating Konnech after receiving information from Gregg Phillips, a True the Vote leader.

Bradley further stated in the complaint that he was instructed by supervisors not to cooperate with the police investigation and that when he failed to comply with their instructions, he was unfairly fired.

In a complaint filed in September, Konnech alleged that True the Vote made false claims about the organization and Yu.

Meanwhile, True the Vote leaders Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht were imprisoned over their refusal to give up the identity of the individual who provided them with information that led to their initial allegations against Konnech. Phillips and Englebrecht claim their source was an FBI informant.

Prosecutors dismissed the case against Yu without prejudice, meaning it can still be reopened.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office told the DCNF that it created a team of cybersecurity experts to help determine whether any criminal activity had taken place and had also consulted an “independent expert.”

“Our office has an ongoing obligation to continually reassess the case in light of all of the available evidence,” the district attorney’s office said in a statement to the DCNF, adding that the office has an “immense” volume of data. “We cannot comment further as this is an active and ongoing investigation,” the attorney noted.

True the Vote told DCNF that “Konnech’s role in U.S. elections exposes national security breaches that can no longer be ignored.”

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  1. What the FOXTROT HOTEL is going on the the electoral system in the USA?
    Looking across the Big Pond from the UK, it seems that you have no chance of a fair election and as for personal information on private citizens being held in China, the mind boggles!


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